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  1. udi u842

    The UDI U842 Falcon is a large (48cm x 48cm) quadcopter which is tough and robust, and ready to fly pretty much straight out of the box.  It is suitable for both beginners and more experienced flyers, and it is fitted with a HD 1280x720 camera which takes great quality video footage recorded to a Micro SD card which is included.  The drone itself flies well, and the 6 axis gyro keeps it stable in the air so it is easy to fly and takes pretty smooth video.

    There are two flight modes, Beginner and Intermediate.  Beginner mode is perfect for getting used to the controls and learning how to fly the quadcopter, as it will maintain its stability in the air and it wont react to drastically to any over zealous use of the controls.  However it can be a little slow and you may have difficulty flying the drone if it is slightly windy.  In the Intermediate mode, the UDI U842 Falcon is much faster and more manoeuverable and the controls are more sensitive.  You can also perform flips and rolls at the touch of a button.

    Flight time is around 7-9 minutes depending on how you fly, and charge time is up to 120mins.  The drone comes with a set of spare rotor blades and optional rotor guards.  The battery has a proprietory connector so you need customised batteries but Udi U842 Faldon Spare Batteries are readily available along with spare rotor blades.  The range of the UDI U842 Falcon is quoted as 30m but in reality it will fly further than this, possibly up to 100m.

    The camera on the UDI U842 Falcon takes good quality footage, the pictures are sharp and the light balance is good, but colours may look a little washed out.  All in all this is a great sized quality quadcopter for the price and we certainly think it is worth a try.

    Our Verdict

    A really great drone for the price, the UDI U842 Falcon is a pretty decent size, and easy to fly with an intermediate mode to keep you challenged once you have mastered the controls.  It has an excellent quality camera and readily available spares.


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  2. parrot rolling spider


    The Parrot Rolling Spider is an easy to fly mini quadcopter controlled by Parrot's FreeFlight 3 Smartphone app, which is free to download for Android or iOS.  The app controls the drone via Bluetooth.

    This is a robust and reliable drone which will stand up to some quite severe crashes, particularly if you use the clip on giant wheels which will protect the rotor blades, although it is easier to control without them. You may need to buy some Parrot Rolling Spider Spare Propellers as the drone does not come with any spares.

    The Parrot Rolling Spider has an 8 minute flight time before the battery needs recharging, and this takes approx 90 mins.  Its flight is very stable, once in the air you can take your hands off the controls and it will hover on its own.  There are also some preset flips and tricks pre programmed into the app which are pretty impressive and make you look like an expert pilot!

    As its name suggests, with the wheels attached you can drive the Parrot Rolling Spider along the floor, as well as up the wall and along the ceiling if you want a challenge. 

    There is a 0.3 megapixel camera mounted on the bottom for taking still images but the quality is not great and it does not take video.

    The drone has a range of 20m and a max speed of 11mph, however you can configure the settings in the FreeFlight app, for example to impose a maximum altitude if you are flying indoors and want to avoid your light fittings.

    Our Verdict

    The Parrot Rolling Spider is a fun drone aimed at children and beginners.  It is easy to fly and will take low resolution pictures, and perform some impressive tricks. It is robust and reliable and spares are readily available - we think it is a great starter drone for the price but the poor camera and lack of video lets it down.


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