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  1. jjrc-h47-best-selfie-drone

    Probably the best Pocket Selfie Drone in the budget range on the market, the JJRC H47 Elfie  is slightly larger than an iPhone (15cm x 7cm when folded) and its fully foldable propellers and arms make it highly portable and light.  It has a battery life of around 7 minutes with a 70 minute charge time, and JJRC H47 Spare Batteries are readily available.  The flight range is around 80m.

    The JJRC H47 Elfie  has good quality 2.4Ghz wifi FPV real-time video feed which operates up to 30 metres, and will stream footage to your smart phone with no lag. It takes 720P HD footage and great quality stills, with a beauty mode which helps you retouch photos with one tap.  It also has a number of flight modes including Headless Mode and Altitude Hold, as well as features such as one-key landing, 3D flips and rolls, flight planning, speed control and gyro stabilisation.


    The JJRC H47 Elfie uses an innovative Gravity Sensor Controller which allows the drone to follow the way your hands move; you can control the drone with one hand by tilting the controller to adjust the pitch and roll. 

    JJRC H47 Elfie Spare Propellers  are cheap, readily available and easy to fit.

    The JJRC H47 Elfie  is easy and fun to fly.  The controller looks complicated at first but it is actually quite intuitive and easy to get the hang of fairly quickly.  The drone is an upgrade of the JJRC H37 and huge improvements have been made in the build quality, handling and reliability, without a huge increase in the price.  It therefore makes this drone a great buy for the money, and ideal for beginners.



  2. Our neighbour recently took his brand new Syma X5C-1  drone for its maiden flight in a small garden.  Whilst learning to master the controls, an unfortunate gust of wind blew the drone about 30ft high into a nearby birch tree.  Despite several attempts to free the drone from the ground with the controls, it unfortnately remained stuck fast in the branches of the tree.syma x5c-1-drone-stuck-in-tree

    After much head scratching a ladder was located and leant against the tree, however it was still far too short to reach the drone.  retrieving-syma x5c-1-drone-from-tree

    We did not think that the fire brigade would be too impressed with a callout to retrieve a drone stuck in a tree, so the only thing left to do was to saw off the branch and catch the drone as it fell!  Fortunately the tree was also owned by our neighbour, along with the drone, so this was a feasible option.  Five minutes later, the Syma X5C-1  was retrieved, and survived the ordeal unscathed, unlike the poor tree!

    syma x5c-1-drone-survives-being-stuck-in-tree

    Before flying a drone for the first time, we thoroughly recommend reading our Beginners Guide to Flying a Drone, to help you avoid situations such as this!