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  1. Yuneec Breeze Foldable Selfie Drone

    Yuneec Breeze 4K

    The Yuneec Breeze 4K is a well built yet simple design, though with a weight of 385g and dimensions of just under 20cm x 20cm, it is not quite as compact and portable other pocket selfie drones.  This is compounded by the fact that the foldable legs and props but not foldable arms, however it comes with a compact hard case so it is easily made travel-ready, and the extra weight makes it more resilient to wind.

    The Yuneec Breeze 4K is shipped with 2 batteries, so will give you a maximum flight time of 24 mins with a charge time of 45 mins for each battery, but you can also buy additional Yuneec Breeze Spare Batteries .  It has several flight modes and features including Return to Home, Selfie Mode (for close ups), Orbit Mode, Journey Mode (flies away and back to you) and Follow Me, all of which work really well.  It uses a smartphone app to control it, and has 16GB of internal storage and videos and images can be easily downloaded to your smartphone/PC or shared directly to social media. The Yuneec Breeze 4K comes with a full set of extra propellers, and also propeller guards which are recommended for use indoors.  Changing the props requires a 1.5mm hex key which is not included with the drone, and neither are the instructions on how to do it!  If you break the spare ones you can buy additional Yuneec Breeze 4k Spares easily and cheaply.

    It is extremely easy to fly, and its 2 x GPS means it holds its position brilliantly when flying outdoors.  It also has a Pilot Mode, which gives you full control of the drone and is used for example when flying indoors or in built up areas when GPS signals may be impaired.  The Breeze is equipped with Indoor Positioning Sensors which use textures on the ground to hold its position and altitude indoors.  It also has an optical sensor on the bottom which helps with smooth landings, however if you are flying over water it can get confused due to reflections, and cause the drone to fly lower than it should so beware that you don't lose it in the sea.

    You can change between 3 different camera resolutions within the app, namely UHD (4K) = 2160p @ 30 FPS, FHD = 1080p @ 30 FPS with digital stabilisation and HD = 720p @ 60 FPS with digital stabilisation, and it will also stream 720 HD live to your smartphone.  The camera is controlled by a different app on your smartphone so you have to switch between the two when flying and filming but this is pretty easy.   The Ultra High Definition 4K video is not stabilised and there is no gimbal but the camera is encased in a soft rubber socket so the video does not jump around too much, however obviously it cannot compete in terms of quality with a gimbal mounted camera.

    Our Verdict

    This drone is simple to fly with excellent build and software quality, and fantastic, reliable flight features.  On top of this the camera quality is superb, what's not to like?  Brilliant value for money and 5 stars!


  2. dobby

    ZeroTech Dobby

    The ZeroTech Dobby is a robust and well build drone which at just under 200g is somewhat heavier than some of its Pocket Selfie Drone competitors.  It is about the size of a smartphone, but around double the thickness so will not fit into a back pocket easily, but that said both the propellers and arms fold into the body which makes it highly portable, much more so than a typical high-end drone.

    The ZeroTech Dobby has an advertised battery life of around 9 minutes, however in reality this is more like 5 minutes, with a charging time of 45 minutes.  It is shipped with only one battery, but spare batteries are readily available if a little pricey. It does not come with a remote controller as it is controlled by a smartphone app which has a straightforward interface and is relatively easy to use.  The app offers various flight modes including Orbit (flies around you), Target Tracking, Face Tracking and Return to Home, all of which work reasonably well, with the drone using GPS to maintain its position with impressive accuracy. Other features such as voice control however do not seem to work. There are also auto take off and landing features, and the drone has landing sensors on the underside which bring it down gently.

    The 13-megapixel camera can be found at the front of the drone, and can be manually adjusted to different angles to take the perfect shot.  The high spec camera is one of this drones features, but the 4k video is not stabilised so is not great quality, however the 1080p video is with varying levels of Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) which are very effective.  The real time FPV is also excellent quality with no lag.

    Whilst the body of the ZeroTech Dobby itself is robust, and can withstand winds of up to 17mph, the plastic propellers are rather delicate.  Plastic clip on guards are available but have to be purchased separately as they do not come with the drone.

    Our Verdict

    The ZeroTech Dobby is a step above the very cheap selfie drones which are available, as you would expect for the price, but the photo and video quality falls short of being professional standard.  That said it is a very portable drone which can fit easily into your back and is ideal to carry round for those spontaneous shoots and photo opportunities you may come across. A couple of software issues let it down but all in all it does what is says on the tin:  it's a great Pocket Selfie Drone!

    4 stars